Remotely Piloted Aircraft - the essential tool to enhance Local Government Capabilities

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), commonly known as Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), could soon be the essential tool within each Local Government’s toolkit with the assistance of a local government-wide service. The opportunities are clear and this innovative technology has the potential to significantly enhance council service capabilities across a number of operational areas in the long-term and immediate future.

Sky’s the Limit for Drone Trial

Queensland’s local government sector and Telstra have teamed up to investigate the benefits of drones as a disaster management tool as part of an Australian-first trial.

Drone to help prepare and recover from natural disasters as part of Queensland trial

The five-month project by Local Government Infrastructure Services will investigate how unmanned aerial vehicles can be used by Queensland councils to prepare for and recover from cyclones, storms, floods and fires.

Smart Cities - It's all about collaboration

With the many components of smart infrastructure, a greater reliance on collaboration is required. This includes between local government business and its contractors and partners, and in some cases the community, all working together.

Renewable Energy Quest Fuels Award Winning Research

LGIS engineer Dr Nayim Kabir has claimed a prestigious academic award for his widely commended research in the field of renewable energy.

Iconic Winton Looks Toward Geothermal Energy to Power Town

Winton Shire Council today announced an ambitious project which aims to bring Geothermal energy to the iconic Western Queensland town. Winton Council has appointed LGIS to design a geothermal energy plant which will deliver enormous benefits to the local community including savings of up to $15 million in energy consumption.

Our Areas of Expertise

LGIS has a vast array of experience in: Infrastructure Strategy Project and Cost Management Organisational Resilience and Disaster Management Procurement Strategy and Management Long Term Asset Management Strategy and Planning Demand Management Roads and Airports Water & Sewer Renewable Energy Supply and Distribution Waste Management LGIS can deliver best value and...

Good Infrastructure Solutions Come From Listening

On July 1, LGIS became a fully owned subsidiary of the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ). This change ensures LGIS's core objective will remain focused on the provision of innovative infrastructure solutions tailored to meet the needs of councils. To ensure this structural change delivers optimum outcomes for council partners, LGIS is inviting Queensland councils to engage...

Growth Through Asset Management Innovation

I have had the privilege throughout my career to work on many exciting, high profile projects in Australia and internationally in both the public and private sectors. It is the legacy of community benefits that flow from these projects, however, which has proved to be most rewarding. Infrastructure projects have tremendous capacity to shape the way regional communities develop and interact and...

LGIS Moves to Total LGAQ Ownership

Local Government Infrastructure Services, the successful partnership between the LGAQ and the Queensland Treasury Corporation, is now totally owned by the LGAQ. It's a move that will bring a broader scope of services to councils, according to LGIS chairman Roger Short. "In the past, we've had to reject requests from councils for assistance, because of the constraints of the Treasury part...